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Chunghwa Cigarettes Wholesalers

Chunghwa is a Chinese Brand of Cigarettes.

Gulf Tobacco is a Wholesaler of Chunghwa Cigarettes Brand. We are offering Competitive Wholesale Price for Retailers of Chunghwa Cigarette Brand. We are wholesaling all Chunghwa Cigarettes Varieties which are Chunghwa Wide, Chunghwa Soft, Chunghwa Hard, Chunghwa 12 Hard, Chunghwa KS-5-Hard, Chunghwa 10mg, Chunghwa Tour Edition, Chunghwa 5000.

Chunghwa is a Premium Brand of Chinese Cigarettes produced by the Shanghai Tobacco Group, a Subsidiary of China Tobacco. Due to its Popularity in the Chinese Market, it is considered the most Representative Brand of Chinese Cigarettes and is known as the “National Smoke”. The Cigarette Package design is a Bright Red Color with the Tiananmen and its Huabiao Pillars in Gold on the front.

Chunghwa Cigarette Varieties
Chunghwa Wide
Chunghwa Soft
Chunghwa Hard
Chunghwa 12 Hard
Chunghwa KS-5-Hard
Chunghwa 10mg
Chunghwa Tour Edition
Chunghwa 5000
1 Carton contain 10 Packs = 200 Cigarettes