More Cigarettes Brand Wholesalers

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More Cigarettes Wholesalers

This brand is a Perfect Choice for Women’s.

Gulf Tobacco is a Wholesaler of More Cigarettes Brand. We are offering Competitive Wholesale Price for the Retailers of More Cigarette Brand. We are Supplying all More Cigarettes Varieties to Worldwide Destinations with Wholesale Price.

More is an American brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in the United States, Japan Tobacco in the European Union and PMFTC in the Philippines. More cigarettes are made of finest sorts of tobacco and smoking them is a real pleasure as they help to relax and give a sensation of delight. The manufacturers do pay much attention to the quality of their products which makes the brand so highly appreciated by smokers from around the world.

Try More cigarettes to feel their perfect taste. If you look for a unique thing, focus your attention on More cigarettes. They were initially created for man and woman but later it changed their direction to females audience. This brand is a perfect choice for women who adore the menthol flavor in a long cigarette.

The Brand is produced in many Varieties; each variety has its original package design and original flavor. More has a large selection of varieties for any smoker.

King Size
More Lights (Balanced Blue)
More (Filters)
More One (Fine White)
More Super Lights (Subtle Silver)
More Menthol 120s
More Red 120s