Parliament Cigarettes Brand Wholesalers

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Parliament Cigarettes Wholesalers

The Most Popular Varieties of Parliament Cigarette Brand.

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Parliament is an American Brand of Cigarettes, currently owned and Manufactured by Philip Morris USA in the United States and Philip Morris International outside of the United States. “Parliament”, translated into Japanese, means “Noble” while in British English it means “British Parliament”. The Premium Quality and Component selection which make the Amazing Taste of Parliament Cigarette. Parliament cigarettes will bring Great Pleasure to every connoisseur of tobacco, as much as Stronger cigarettes from this manufacturer.

Parliament cigarettes are believed to be the first cigarettes to introduce the “Filter Tip”. Parliament can be considered the leader among premium-segment brand cigarettes worldwide.

The difference between Parliament and other cigarette brands is the use of a carbon filter/mouthpiece, which differs from a solid filter by the presence of a small emptiness at the very beginning, which serves to cool the smoke. Here is a list with the most popular varieties of Parliament cigarettes

King Size
Parliament Extra Lights (Silver Blue)
Parliament Full Flavor (Night Blue)
Parliament Lights (Aqua Blue)
Parliament ONE
Parliament Carat Blue
Parliament Super Slims 100`s
Parliament Super Slims Aqua
Parliament Super Slims Silver
Parliament Reserve Nanokings (mini)