True Cigarettes Brand Wholesalers

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True Cigarettes Wholesalers

True Cigarette Varieties are Available in Soft Pack Box.

Gulf Tobacco is a Wholesaler of True Cigarettes Brand. We are offering Competitive Wholesale Price for the Retailers of True Cigarette Brand. We are Supplying all True Cigarettes Varieties to Worldwide Destinations with Wholesale Price.

True is an American brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. True was introduced in September 1966 by Lorillard in 10 major U.S. markets. The tagline for the new brand was “Shouldn’t your brand be True?”. The cigarette, when first introduced, was full flavored. It was later available in a reduced tar and nicotine version during the 1970s and 1980s.

True have a plastic piece (round with a triangle in the middle and radials which extend to the outside) which prevents the top of the cigarette from being broken, torn, or crushed as any other cigarette can.

True Brand is produced Four Varieties in Soft Pack Box; each variety has its original package design and original flavor as well as Filters and Menthol.

True Cigarette Varieties in Soft Pack, Box
True Filters Kings
True Filters 100s
True Menthol Kings
True Menthol 100s
1 Carton contain 10 Packs = 200 Cigarettes